Mom’s Pantry Orders are Coming THURSDAY

Good Morning BPS Supporters!

Thank you again SOOO much for your support of our Moms Pantry Fundraiser.  We raised enough to purchase our Ukuleles and they are already here in the school!

PICK UP of your orders: Please come to the caretaker area of the school on THURSDAY NOV 14 between 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. 

Many items are frozen and we do not have freezers here at school.

Thank you!

Lice Checks TOMORROW

Lice checks are happening tomorrow!  We know that lice is a common nuisance and often frequents classrooms in the fall and winter months.  If you have already opted in, there is nothing more you need to do.  If you would like to opt in, the cost is $5.00 for 3 checks over the year and you can make payment on Cash Online.  Thank you!