This Thursday is the Fun Fair!

29 May


The School Council wants to remind our community that we have our Fun Fair this Thursday (May 31st) from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The Fun Fair is free and fabulous so we hope to see absolutely everyone there.  We have been watching the weather carefully and we do have a contingency plan in the event of rain (the event would be moved to Stephen Lewis S.S.) but we’re optimistic that the rain will hold off, so please keep an eye open for additional messaging if the event has to be relocated.

Students who have pre-ordered from the BBQ will be issued food tickets on Wednesday to take home.  Please be sure to bring the tickets to the event.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fun Fair!

Resources to Support Sensitive Topics

25 May

As you may be aware, season two of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why became available on Netflix May 18, 2018The series is popular with many adolescents and young adults, and deals with the difficult topic of suicide and other complex issues.  As such, we are sharing a letter from our Director of Education in the interest of providing information regarding the series and resources available to deal with the topics portrayed within the series.

We thank you for your continued partnership in our shared interest of student well-being.

The Merch Has Arrived!

24 May


Our School Council is excited to share that our Bakersfield Spiritwear items have now arrived!  Items will be sorted and distributed today and tomorrow to those who have ordered.

We kindly ask all families that ordered items to please label the Spiritwear with their child’s name as soon as possible.  We often have difficulty returning even unique lost items to students (as our Lost and Found demonstrates all too well) –it would be virtually impossible to determine who owned which piece among identical items, so labeling them will be a big help.

Thank you for showing off your Bakersfield Pride with some awesome school Spiritwear!

Polling Station at Our School

23 May

We’d like to share with our community that our school will serve as a polling station for the upcoming Provincial Election on Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

We are pleased to host members of our community who will come to vote at our school.  It provides a great opportunity to discuss the democratic process with students. We would encourage you to talk to your children about the important role voting plays in our democratic society.

As we will have community members attending our school to vote, you may see increased traffic around the school, as well as reduced parking in the area. We will be doing everything possible to minimize disruptions. We appreciate your understanding.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Reminder: STEAM Night Event!

22 May


A reminder to our families of students in Grades 1-4 who registered for our STEAM Night, we look forward to seeing you this Thursday, May 24th between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

It is going to be a fun evening of …

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math!

School Agendas for 2018-19

22 May


As the end of this school year approaches, the staff at Bakersfield Public School are already beginning to plan for next year.  One item that supports students to start off each school year on the right foot are school planners or agendas which provide a helpful link between the school and home.  The agenda can serve many purposes, including being a means for communication between teachers and parents, as well as being a place for students to organize themselves and keep track of their homework, assignments and tests.  For these reasons, it is especially helpful that students have their agendas from the very first day of school.  We are collecting agenda orders early so that students can receive their agendas immediately when school begins in September.  If your child will be attending Bakersfield Public School next year in grades one through eight, we would ask that you place your order no later than June 8, 2018.

School agendas are now available to order at a cost of only $5.00 each.  While we have traditionally recommended that all students going into grades one through eight have an agenda, we recognize that many of our older students are increasingly using digital means to record their homework and organize their calendars; while the agenda is prominently used in Primary grades, agendas are becoming somewhat less utilized by students in Junior grades and less still in Intermediate grades. Nonetheless, many students make regular use of their agendas in ensuring they are prepared for class each and every day.  Please note, as well, that there is a limited supply of agendas, and they may sell out.  We thank parents and guardians for supporting their children in purchasing an agenda and we look forward to another excellent year.

Agendas will be available to purchase using School Cash Online through June 8, 2018.  Please purchase agendas for each child under their respective School Cash Online accounts; agendas will be delivered directly to the students in September.  For information on registering for School Cash Online please contact the office.

Spring Lost and Found

16 May


With warmer weather arriving, items accumulated over the Winter from our Lost and Found are now on display in our west, downstairs hallway.  We have asked classes to visit this collection of clothing and sundries, and we will make additional announcements encouraging students to claim any items belonging to them.  If you know that your child is missing any clothing, please encourage them to revisit the lost and found more carefully, as well.

We also welcome parents and guardians who wish to go through the Lost and Found, but would respectfully ask that they do so after school, at 3:30 p.m. We will keep trying to ensure that items are returned to their owners. We will maintain this display of clothing until through Friday, May 25th.  Long-standing unclaimed items will be packaged and donated to charity. We thank you for your support.