We Are Off to a Great Start!

If you follow us on Instagram @bakersfieldproud or on Twitter @Bakersfield_PS you will have seen some pictures of our staff this morning. It was a smooth and happy start for everyone!

A couple of things to bring to your attention and remind families of:

  • There are NO lunch drop offs and NO lunch programs, so students MUST come with thier food for the day
  • There is NO lunch sign out for students unless arranged with the Principal
  • All students must have a re-useable water bottle with them as water fountains are closed and only our water bottle filling stations are open
  • Please report any absences for your child(ren) in Edsby

We are SOOOOOOOOO happy to be back together again. You really can see a smile through a mask! 🙂

Ready, Set, GO!

Two things before we start tomorrow morning at 8:40 a.m.:

  • The fire at the Park beside the school is out and all is under control. Thank you to everyone for your concern and bringing it to my attention.
  • We suggested people park on Treecrest and walk, but there is NO PARKING on Treecrest. Please park on the Leameadow where there is parking, if needed.

Just a reminder about tomorrow morning!

Thursday September 10th – all SK Students, and students in Grades 1-8 with the last name starting with A-K

Friday September 11th – all SK Students, and students in Grades 1-8 with the last name starting with L-Z

There is NO parking available on school property. Please park on side streets and walk your child(ren) to school property. We are asking parents, where possible, to stay off school property. If you need to walk your child to thier line (or entrance on days beyond the first day) you must maintain social distancing. If you access the drop off loop, you are not permitted to exit your vehicle. Please just pull to the curb and let your child out.

Staff will be wearing their Staff shirts, please speak to someone if you need support. Students must be wearing thier masks. We ask that parents do not stay on school property once your child(ren) have found thier lines. This is in an effort to keep well spaced. In addition, although we have historically enjoyed meeting the teacher on day one and chatting – we ask that you do not attempt to do it this year. Please call or email the teacher and set up a separate time to meet. We do need to keep the school yard less congested, please.

  • Year 2 Kindergarten Students will enter the fenced Kindergarten Yards – no parents allowed in the fenced yards. Staff members will be there to welcome your child. Goldberg/Andaluz & Kerzner/Ali are in the south yard. Gitlin & Park/Baranji are in the west yard.
  • Grade 1-3 teachers will be spread out on the Tarmac with signs and students are to get in socially distanced lines to wave goodbye to parents
  • Grade 4-8 teachers will be spread out on the Tarmac with signs. Students are to get in socially distanced lines and prepare to enter the building

At 8:55 a.m., we will begin bringing our students in to the building to begin the day. Dismissal is at 3:15 p.m. and information with where to pick up your child is included in a previous Blog post.

This message is for families with children who signed up/registered for online learning or Elementary Virtual School (EVS)

We understand there is confusion around the recent communication sent to you which states: Families with children attending the Elementary Virtual School have been sent a separate message with information.”

Please be assured that you will be receiving a communication shortly (if you have not received it already) which indicates the following:

There will be supported entry for EVS onThursday, September 10 and Friday, September 11 with regularly scheduled virtual classes beginning on Monday September 14.  

We sincerely apologize for any confusion and undue stress this has caused you. After we get school up and running tomorrow we will continue to seek clarification for you.


Online Learning

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We have been completely innundated with emails and calls about Virtual Learning. I know you are anxious to get information if you have selected on-line learning for your child(ren). At Bakersfield, we do NOT have the information about on-line learning for you. We can tell you that we know the Virtual Learning Team is working around the clock to sort children into classes with teachers and that they are aware of the promised deadlines.

If you DID NOT get an email from Bakersfield with class placement information yesterday, it means you are registered for ONLINE. You will hear from them soon. If we hear of anything, we will Blog it out to you. Please do not call or email for information about online learning as we are not able to help at this time.

Stay Tuned…they haven’t forgotten about you!

K. Cameron